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Quick Three Bean Chili! January 22, 2012

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On Saturday, after a day out and about, we got home later than expected and I was without a dinner plan. Thankfully, I had been to the store earlier and had stocked up on staples, among them a variety of beans, diced tomatoes, fresh vegetables, plain yogurt and maple syrup.

Upon scanning my pantry, I immediately envisioned a pot of Three Bean Chili, with Maple Corn Bread and Zesty Coleslaw. Within an hour, I had a delicious homemade meal on the table. This vegetarian chili is hearty, satisfying and packs some heat. (Just the way I like it!) I always use my Le Creuset Dutch Oven for soups and stews. Made of enameled cast iron, it distributes and retains heat well, is oven-proof and cleans up easily. I love it.

Back to the chili. I set aside some aside for another meal this week and froze the remainder for that emergency meal I don’t yet know I need. I made the Maple Corn Bread into muffins because the leftovers freeze easily and can be thawed for breakfast, lunch, dinner or breadcrumbs. As for the coleslaw, well, I’ll crunch on that until it’s gone. Tangy and mayo-free, it doesn’t last long around here…


Weeknight Meal: Dried Cherry Chili December 11, 2011

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Yep, you read that right. Dried Cherry Chili. I know, it sounds weird, but listen up. I love dried cherries in salads, cookies, granola, and oatmeal. They are rich in antioxidants and it only takes a few to get great flavor. Why not chili?

My friend Emily sent me this recipe informing me that it was a contest-winner and family favorite. So I tried it. And I really liked it. It comes together quickly and tastes even better the next day, after the flavors have had a chance to develop. Not surprising. I find that this “better the second day” rule applies to most soups and stews…

Anyway, in addition to being tasty and good for you, this recipe is super versatile. It calls for ground turkey, but you could use ground chicken. You could also use left over cooked turkey or chicken. Simply follow my notes on the recipe if this is the route you choose. Either way, enjoy this delicious, different combination. I served it with a big mixed green salad and maple corn bread. Yum.



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