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Tamale Time! December 9, 2012

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tamalesIt’s tamale time! Set aside a day for them and you will be rewarded for weeks to come. It’s not hard to make tamales (really, it’s not!) ~ it’s just time consuming. Add some music, friends and/or family to the mix and that problem is quickly solved.

In my recipe for Green Chili Chicken Tamales, shredded chicken, Serrano chilis, tomatillos and fresh cilantro stew together to make a delicious filling. The masa, or dough, is seasoned with paprika, cumin, chili powder and garlic. A combination of chicken broth and vegetable oil moistens and binds the dough. That’s right, I skip the lard, and honestly ~ no one suffers.

I serve my tamales with a Chipotle Crema, which is a fancy name for taking plain Greek yogurt and mixing it with adobo chili sauce,  salt and chopped green onions for color and flavor.

Tamales freeze well, so make the whole batch (about 40) and share them with neighbors or keep them in your freezer for delicious meals in the winter months to come. Enjoy!

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One Response to “Tamale Time!”

  1. It so hard to find good tamales where I live. These sound so tempting!

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