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Chili Time! November 11, 2012

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This week started out as summer and took a major turn towards Fall. In celebration – I made this Red Chili. I surfaced an old favorite recipe and made it my own by blending ground pork and beef, adding spices and a little heat. It’s delicious!

There are lots of chili options to consider on the GYYB Recipe Index – Green Chili Stew, Three Bean Chili, White Bean Chili and Dried Cherry Chili (from Emily!). Chili is a great thing to make to feed a crew. It’s nice to have around for lunches when family is home for the holidays and it freezes well. Get cooking!

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2 Responses to “Chili Time!”

  1. passthesourcream Says:

    I think I’m hungry … these all sound so good. Whipped up 2 restaurant-sized pots of chili for the annual pumpkin carving party (I have yet to actually carve a pumpkin on this day). I get requests for my chili recipe, but I don’t, uh, have a recipe. I remember seeing the cherry chili recipe here and just love the idea. Maybe cranberries would be nice, too?

    I’d love to see more photos of the dishes you’re making. Tara Weaver has a great post called The Anatomy of a Food Photo. Good stuff.

    • chezdesblog Says:

      Hi Bradley! I will check out that link. I struggle with feeling pressure to become a photographer – I just want to COOK good healthy grub. ;) K.

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