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How I Got My Yummy Back April 15, 2012

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Actually, I never lost my yummy. But it never hurts to surround yourself with inspiration! After spending last week in Mexico at Rancho la Puerta, I am as happy as ever with my healthy cooking regime. What I consider a way of life is experimental for many, scary for some, and old hat for others. Enjoying healthy meals at a communal table does wonders for awakening the yummy in anyone. It’s why I do what I do.

The entire menu was loaded with vegetables and herbs from their organic farm (that’s me standing in it!). Breakfast included eggs, yogurt, delicious breads, fresh fruit, granola and my personal favorite, Birchersmusli.

Lunch always included a large mixed green salad with a selection of fresh roasted vegetables, nuts, seeds, and house made vinaigrette. There was fresh fruit, delicious soup and some other choice such as vegetarian pizza, black bean tostadas, or wild mushroom quesadillas. Dinner always started with both soup and salad courses.

What sounds like too much to eat, really was not. Served at a leisurely pace in small portions, nutrient-dense food really satisfies. Flavored with fresh citrus, herbs, vinegar, and spices, the natural flavors really shine. Did I mention the fact that we hiked every morning and did all sorts of exercise during the day? This is the sort of stuff I love and the types of recipes I share here.

In addition to enjoying the glorious food, nutrition workshops and group workouts, I walked away with two new cook books focused on fish and grapes. You’ll be seeing more from them soon!

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2 Responses to “How I Got My Yummy Back”

  1. Hi! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Hiking and nutrition dense food is a fabulous pairing. Will look forward to the new fish recipes!

  2. Wally Says:

    Wow-when’s the week for guys????

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