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Herbed Quinoa and Chickpea Salad February 5, 2012

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Had the neighbors over for Carnitas Friday night. It simmered away in the slow cooker all day making the house smell delicious! To go along with it, I made Zesty Coleslaw (a house favorite) and this Herbed Quinoa (KEEN-wah) and Chickpea Salad.

Most weekends, you will find me with a pot of whole grains on the stove – farro, brown rice, couscous, or in this case, quinoa. I make a batch or two up for the week while I am puttering around at any given moment. Once the grains are cooked, dishes come together quickly – all week.  For example, cooked couscous can be served with hot milk, maple syrup, nuts and raisins for a delicious breakfast porridge. It can also be turned into tasty couscous cakes or salads for lunch and dinner.

Same thing goes for cooked quinoa. In this case, I simply tossed it with fresh herbs, chopped vegetables, chick peas, fresh lemon juice, rice vinegar and olive oil. For my next trick, I think I’ll make a batch of Curried Quinoa Salad to go with seafood some night this week. Yum.

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