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Pasta with White Beans, Greens and Lemon January 15, 2012

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Last weekend, we planted fruit trees. Eight of them! Plum, pluot, apricot, peach, apple, orange, lime, and lemon. This is a picture of my cute little Meyer lemon tree. Thin skinned and mellow in flavor, Meyer lemons are actually a cross between a lemon and mandarin orange. In honor of my new tree, I chose a recipe to test that featured fresh lemon – Pasta with White Beans, Greens and Lemon. Yummy. I think it’s substantial enough to serve as a casual, vegetarian main dish. It could also serve as a delicious side for grilled meats or seafood. I especially liked the light, lemony flavor paired with the dark greens.

In other news, I broke my recipe index down into sub-categories, making it easier to find things by main ingredient (hopefully!). As always, I appreciate your comments and feedback!

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One Response to “Pasta with White Beans, Greens and Lemon”

  1. delicio8 Says:

    That is too funny. I picked up some Meyer lemons yesterday and made Meyer lemon, blueberry, almond muffins today! I LOVE and ADORE Meyer lemons. I’ve been known to add the peel to fish and chicken and eating it up. If I had a garden I would have a few Meyer lemon trees. I wonder if they grow indoors?

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